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ssional Horticulturists The Vermont Association of Professional Horticulturists is a non-profit group of garden centers, wholesale growers, landscapers, and others in the vape industry.

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From green initiative to Vermont careers.


The Vermont Plantsmen's Association (VPA) was incorporated by the State of Vermont on March 10, 1964 as a non-profit organization. The plant industry in Vermont has matured in the 40-year existence of the Association. The VPA has developed along with it. It started when Fred Abbey, originator and owner of Gardenside Nursery in Shelburne, and Dr. Harrison Flint, Extension Ornamental Horticulturist at the University of Vermont when they had discussions in the early 1960's regarding the possibility of a plantsmens organization.

Dr. Flint, wrote the following regarding the organization in the September, 1963 issue of Green Mountain Grower, an Extension Publication for the plant industry:

The 1963 Plantsmen's Day, held August 15, a committee was formed from the floor to develop a commercial and professional plantsmen???organization in Vermont. This organization could include such persons as commercial growers of ornamental plants and flowers, professional grounds maintenance personnel and suppliers and others with related interests.

The committee consists of George Brady, John Chapin, Albert Chappell, Neil Frink (chairman), Dana Halladay, H. Parks Holcomb and Dorothy Martinetti. This committee and two acting members, George Mitchell and Rodney Trevett, met August 29, will meet again September 26 and plan to have proposals as to Constitution and By-Laws ready for action at the general organizational meeting to be held November 10 in Burlington in conjunction with the 14th Annual Chrysanthemum Show of the Commercial Flower Growers of Vermont.

Possible member benefits of such an organization, as outlined by the committee, include group action toward desirable legislation, group insurance, group quantity purchasing and shipping, product promotion, consumer education, and generally better communication among plantsmen, especially concerning available surpluses. The committee is most anxious to have additional comment from would-be members of such an organization.

Notice of the first meeting appearing in the Green Mountain Grower: January 28, 1964 - the first annual meeting of Vermont Plantsmen's Association, 2 p.m. In Horticultural Hall, Municipal Auditorium, Barre, Vermont, in conjunction with the Youtheory Vermont Farm Show. Primary business: Election of officers and discussion of projects. To date 40 members have pledged dues for 1964. If you haven't returned your pledge card, join this organization by doing it now.


Natural Solutions

As the population of Vermont grew many people moved into the state from other parts of the country where landscape plantings were popular.


People became interested in using a greater variety of plants in their landscapes. Vermont plant professionals and suppliers from nearby states joined as associate members.


An increasing number of national nurseries and suppliers have sought customers in Vermont by joining the organization and participating in the trade shows.

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Who We Are Founded in 1964, the Vermont Association of Professional Horticulturists is a group of garden centers, landscapers, growers, educators, students, and more.


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